A-B Trusts - used to reduce federal estate taxes

Administration of Trusts - what to do with a trust after a trustor dies

Advance Health Care Directive - death with dignity document

Annuities - good estate planning?

Avoiding Probate - how to keep your estate out of probate

Charitable Remainder Trusts - lifetime income from your charitable contribution

Community Property - how it affects estate planning

Disclaimers - used to reduce federal estate taxes

Disclaimer Trust - reduces estate taxes

Do It Yourself Wills - writing your own will

Domestic Partners - laws related to registered domestic partners

Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Purposes

Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care - also called the Advanced Health Care Directive

Education Plans - 529 education plans can save taxes

Estate Planning Scams - illegal and fraudulent estate plans

FDIC Insurance - how much of your bank account is insured?

Federal Estate and Gift Tax

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ About Trusts - questions and answers about trusts

FAQ About Probate

529 Education Plans - send your child to college and save on taxes

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Intestate Succession - What happens if you die without a will?

Joint Tenancy - Advantages and disadvantages of using joint tenancy

LGBT Estate Planning - Changes in the law have made a difference in how lawyers prepare these estate plans

Life Insurance Trust - keeps your life insurance proceeds from being taxed

Living Trusts

Living Wills - used for medical directives

Non-Citizens - Qualified Domestic Trusts

Pourover Wills - type of will used with a living trust

Power of Attorney

Portability of Exclusion Amount

Privacy Statement

Probate - what it is and how much it costs

Probate FAQ

Procrastination Page - read this when you get around to it

Qualified Domestic Trust - for non-U.S. citizens

Reading of the Will - only in books and movies

Registered Domestic Partners - estate planning laws and domestic partners

Restatement of a Living Trust

Separate Property - how does it affect estate planning

Scams - illegal estate plans and fraudulent tax reduction trusts

Small Estates Law - another way to avoid probate

Special Needs Trusts - trusts for beneficiaries on SSI or Medi-Cal

Spousal Property Petitions - avoids probate when a spouse dies

Tenancy in Common - advantages and disadvantages

Trust Administration - what has to be done after a trustor dies

Trusts - Avoid probate with a living trust

Trusts for Pets - what happens if you die before your pet dies?

Trust FAQ - questions and answers about trusts